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Team play paintball

Paintball - team and technical game where are used pneumatic markers, shooting gelatin balls filled with paint. Field for the game may be forest or open area with natural or artificial shelters for players.

Services provided:

  • Professional camouflage;
  • Pneumatic markers;
  • 100-200 balls for shooting.

How many people can take part in the game?

  • Play paintball can adults or children from 12 years with presence of parents;
  • 2-10 persons - number of people in a team.

Location in relation to the hotel "Gonchari":

  • The pitch is 12 miles away. Ability to organize the game in the forest near the hotel.

Cost of service:

  • The cost of the camouflage and pneumatic marker - 30hrn;
  • The cost of 100 balls - 35hrn.