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For vacationers and those who want to have a good time and eat, restaurant. The luxurious rooms with a cozy atmosphere, the time spent in Gonchary will be unforgettable.

The main success of any restorana- this kitchen! In our kitchen, we have combined excellent Ukrainian cuisine with a Mediterranean.
Recommended order an original salad "Fed kum" of three kinds of meat "ravioli with mushrooms and truffle sauce", "Salmon with bechamel sauce." We have a large selection of food on the grill and delicious dumplings themselves with any stuffing.

Copyright dishes from the chef Gyrtum
Dmitry Sergeyevich will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets! You will discover the secrets of its full creative sophistication and professionalism of excellent dishes, "Quatro Formadzhi" with a unique value for the four types of cheese, "medallions, caramelized vinegar" Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena "," Chateaubriand "in the classic preparation, Chocolate" Aktual "(chocolate Kulan ) - a dessert based on a recipe by Michel Brass, and many other dishes that will surprise you with a unique combination of ingredients and the bright taste!

Respect and understanding of the complex professional approach of staff to our guests will bring you unforgettable days of stay in our hotel, and the unusual breakfast or lunch or dinner in a picturesque region lift your mood. The administration will help in the organization of festive events, whether buffet or banquet, family celebration or a wedding.
For those who want to celebrate a significant event designed special menu and can organize shows.

We try to find solutions for the realization of your wishes.

"Potters" will leave you only pleasant experience !!

The restaurant is open from 8.00 to 23.00